Tohono O'odham numbers

How to count in Tohono O'odham (Oʼodham ha-ñeʼokĭ), an Uto-Aztecan language spoken mainly in southern Arizona in the USA.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 hemako
2 go:k
3 waik
4 gi’ik
5 hetasp
6 cu:dpo
7 wewa’ak
8 gigi’ik
9 humuk
10 westma:m
11 gamai-hemako
12 gamai-go:k
13 gamai-waik
14 gamai-gi’ik
15 gamai-hetasp
16 gamai-cu:dpo
17 gamai-wewa’ak
18 gamai-gigi’ik
19 gamai-humuk
20 gokko-westma:m
21 gokko-hemako
22 gokko-go:k
23 gokko-waik
24 gokko-gi’ik
25 gokko-hetasp
26 gokko-cu:dpo
27 gokko-wewa’ak
28 gokko-gigi’ik
29 gokko-humuk
30 waikko-westma:m
40 gi’ikko-westma:m
50 hetaspo-westma:m
60 cu:dpo-westma:m
70 wewa’akko-westma:m
80 gigi’ikko-westma:m
90 humukko-westma:m
100 hemako-siant, siant
101 hemako-siant hemako
110 hemako-siant westma:m
115 hemako-siant gamai-hetasp
130 hemako-siant waikko-westma:m
200 go:k-siant
205 go:k-siant hetasp
300 waik-siant
400 gi’ik-siant
500 hetasp-siant
525 hetasp-siant gokko-hetasp
600 cu:dpo-siant
700 wewa’ak-siant
800 gigi’ik-siant
900 humuk-siant
999 humuk-siant humukko-humuk
1,000 mi:l
twice gokko
three times waikko
four times gi’ikko
five times hetaspo

Source: Ofelia Zepeda: A Papago Grammar. Tucson, Arizona – 1983.

Information about Tohono O'odham (Papago) numerals

Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

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