Numbers in Lushootseed

How to count in Lushootseed (dxʷləšúcid), a Salishan language spoken in British Colombia in Canada, and Washington State in the USA.

The forms of numbers change depending on what you are counting. The plain numbers are shown here, followed by the numbers for humans. Other forms are available.

If any of the numbers are links, you can hear a recording by clicking on them. If you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal numbers
0 p’aƛ’
1 dəč’uʔ, diič’uʔ
2 saliʔ, səsaʔliʔ
3 łixʷ, łixʷixʷ
4 buus, bəbuʔs
5 cəlac, cələlac
6 dᶻəlačiʔ, dᶻəlalačiʔ
7 c’ukʷs, c’ukʷsukʷs
8 təqačiʔ, təqqačiʔ
9 x̌ʷəl, x̌ʷələl
10 padac, padadac
11 padac yəxʷ kʷi dəč’uʔ
12 padac yəxʷ kʷi saliʔ
13 padac yəxʷ kʷi łixʷ
14 padac yəxʷ kʷi buus
15 padac yəxʷ kʷi cəlac
16 padac yəxʷ kʷi dᶻəlačiʔ
17 padac yəxʷ kʷi c’ukʷs
18 padac yəxʷ kʷi təqačiʔ
19 padac yəxʷ kʷi x̌ʷəl
20 saliʔačiʔ, salaʔačiʔiʔ
21 saliʔačiʔ yəxʷ kʷi dəč’uʔ
22 saliʔačiʔ yəxʷ kʷi saliʔ
23 saliʔačiʔ yəxʷ kʷi łixʷ
24 saliʔačiʔ yəxʷ kʷi buus
25 saliʔačiʔ yəxʷ kʷi cəlac
26 saliʔačiʔ yəxʷ kʷi dᶻəlačiʔ
27 saliʔačiʔ yəxʷ kʷi c’ukʷs
28 saliʔačiʔ yəxʷ kʷi təqačiʔ
29 saliʔačiʔ yəxʷ kʷi x̌ʷəl
30 słixʷačiʔ
40 sbuusačiʔ
50 cəlacačiʔ
60 dᶻəlačiʔačiʔ
70 c’ukʷsačiʔ
80 təqačiʔačiʔ
90 x̌ʷəlačiʔ
100 dəč’uʔ sbək’ʷačiʔ, diič’uʔ bək’ʷačiʔ
1,000 padac sbək’ʷačiʔ, padadac bək’ʷačiʔ

Hear some Lushootseed numbers:

Information about Lushootseed numbers

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