Numbers in Kove

How to count in Kove, a member of the Oceanic branch of the Malayo-Polynesian language family spoken in New Brtiain in Papua New Guinea.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 ere ere
2 hua hua aia
3 tolu tolu aia
4 pange pange aia
5 lima lima aia
6 lima gha ere (5+1)  
7 lima gha hua (5+2)  
8 lima gha tolu (5+3)  
9 lima gha pange (5+4)  
10 sangaulu  
11 sangaulu gha ere (10+1)  
12 sangaulu gha hua (10+2)  
13 sangaulu gha tolu (10+3)  
14 sangaulu gha pange (10+4)  
15 sangaulu gha lima (10+5)  
16 sangaulu gha lima gha ere (10+5+1)  
17 sangaulu gha lima gha hua (10+5+2)  
18 sangaulu gha lima gha tolu (10+5+3)  
19 sangaulu gha lima gha pange (10+5+4)  
20 sangaulu hua (10x2)  
21 sangaulu hua ai-a suvu ere (10x2, left over 1)  
22 sangaulu hua ai-a suvu hua (10x2, left over 2)  
23 sangaulu hua ai-a suvu tolu (10x2, left over 3)  
24 sangaulu hua ai-a suvu pange (10x2, left over 4)  
25 sangaulu hua ai-a suvu lima (10x2, left over 5)  
26 sangaulu hua ai-a suvu lima gha ere (10x2, left over 5+1)  
27 sangaulu hua ai-a suvu lima gha hua (10x2, left over 5+2)  
28 sangaulu hua ai-a suvu lima gha tolu (10x2, left over 5+3)  
29 sangaulu hua ai-a suvu lima gha pange (10x2, left over 5+4)  
30 sangaulu tolu (10x3)  
40 sangaulu pange (10x4)  
50 sangalima  
60 sangalima sangaulu ere (fifty ten one, 50+10x1)  
70 sangalima sangaulu hua (fifty ten two, 50+10x2)  
80 sangalima sangaulu tolu (fifty ten three, 50+10x3)  
90 sangalima sangaulu pange (fifty ten four, 50+10x4)  
100 vuno  
101 vuno ai-a suvu ere (hundred left over one)  
110 vuno ai-a suvu sangaulu (hundred left over ten)  
1,000 vuno vana  
1,001 vuno vana ai-a suvu ere (thousand left over one)  
2,000 vuno vana hua (1,000x2)  

Source: Hiroko, Sato. Grammar of Kove : an Austronesian language of the West New Britain province, Papua New Guinea. Universtiy of Hawaii at Manoa, 2013

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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