Hoava numbers

How to count in Hoava, a Northwest Solomonic language spoken mainly in New Georgia Island in the Solomon Islands.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 keke [kɛkɛ]
2 karua [karua]
3 hike [hikɛ]
4 mada [maⁿda]
5 lima [lima]
6 onomo [ɔnɔmɔ]
7 zuapa [ⁿd͡zuapa]
8 vesu [βesu]
9 sia [sia]
10 manege (puta) [manɛɣe (puta)]
11 manege eke [manɛɣe ɛkɛ]
12 manege rua [manɛɣe rua]
13 manege hike [manɛɣe hikɛ]
14 manege mada [manɛɣe maⁿda]
15 manege lima [manɛɣe lima]
16 manege onomo [manɛɣe ɔnɔmɔ]
17 manege zuapa [manɛɣe ⁿd͡zuapa]
18 manege vesu [manɛɣe βesu]
19 manege sia [manɛɣe sia]
20 kaonge puta, kaunge [kaoᵑɡɛ puta, kauŋɛ]
21 kaonge eke [kaoᵑɡɛ ɛkɛ]
22 kaonge rua [kaoᵑɡɛ rua]
23 kaonge hike [kaoᵑɡɛ hikɛ]
24 kaonge mada [kaoᵑɡɛ maⁿda]
25 kaonge lima [kaoᵑɡɛ lima]
26 kaonge onomo [kaoᵑɡɛ ɔnɔmɔ]
27 kaonge zuapa [kaoᵑɡɛ ⁿd͡zuapa]
28 kaonge vesu [kaoᵑɡɛ βesu]
29 kaonge sia [kaoᵑɡɛ sia]
30 tolo ngavulu puta [tɔlɔ ŋaβulu puta]
40 made ngavulu puta [maⁿde ŋaβulu puta]
50 lima ngavulu puta [lima ŋaβulu puta]
60 onomo ngavulu puta [ɔnɔmɔ ŋaβulu puta]
70 zuapa ngavulu puta [ⁿd͡zuapa ŋaβulu puta]
80 vesu ngavulu puta [βesu ŋaβulu puta ]
90 sia ngavulu puta [sia ŋaβulu puta]
100 keke gogoto [kɛkɛ ɣɔɣɔtɔ]
200 karua gogoto [karua ɣɔɣɔtɔ]
1000 keke tina [kɛkɛ tina]

Information about counting in Hoava


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