Jurchen numbers

How to count in Jurchen, a Southern Tungusic language that was spoken in Manchuria in the northeast of China until the 17th century, after which it developed into Manchu.

The pronunciation shown [in brackets] is reconstructed.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 emu [əmu]
2 juwe [dʒo]
3 ilan [ilɑn]
4 duwin [duin]
5 shunja [ʃunʤɑ]
6 ningu [niŋɡu]
7 nadan [nɑdɑn]
8 jhakun [ʤɑkun]
9 uyun [ujewun]
10 juwa [ʤuɑ]
11 amso [omʃo]
12 jhirhon [ʤïrxon]
13 gorhon [ɡorxon]
14 durhon [durxon]
15 tobohon [toboxon]
16 nilhun [nixun]
17 darhon [dɑrxon]
18 niyuhun [niuxun]
19 oniyohon [onioxon]
20 orin [orin]
30 gushin [ɡuʃïn]
40 tehi [dəçi]
50 susai [susɑi]
60 ninjhu [niŋʤu]
70 nadanju [nɑdɑnʤu]
80 jhakunjhu [ʤɑkunʤu]
90 uyunju [ujewunʤu]
100 tangu [tɑŋɡu]
1,000 mingan [miŋɡɑn]
10,000 tuman [tumən]

Jurchen numerals

Jurchen numerals

Sources: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Category:Jurchen_numerals

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