Numbers in Chothe (Naga)

How to count in Chothe (Chawte, Kyao), a member of the Kukish branch of the Tibeto-Burman language family spoken in Manipur and Nagaland in the northeast of India.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 ǝkha misapǝ
2 ǝni ǝnisupǝ
3 inthum inthumsupǝ
4 inli inlisupǝ
5 rǝŋa rǝŋasupǝ
6 ǝruk ǝruksupǝ
7 sǝri sǝrisupǝ
8 ǝret ǝretsupǝ
9 ǝku ǝkusupǝ
10 ǝsom ǝsomsupǝ
11 ǝsomǝkha ǝsommisapǝ
12 ǝsomǝni ǝsomǝnisupǝ
13 ǝsominthum ǝsominthumsupǝ
14 ǝsominli ǝsominlisupǝ
15 ǝsomrǝŋa ǝsomrǝŋasupǝ
16 ǝsomǝruk ǝsomǝruksupǝ
17 ǝsomsǝri ǝsomsǝrisupǝ
18 ǝsomǝret ǝsomǝretsupǝ
19 ǝsomǝku ǝsomǝkusupǝ
20 somni somni
21 somni ǝkha somnimisapǝ
22 somni ǝni somni ǝnisupǝ
23 somni inthum somni inthumsupǝ
24 somni inli somni inlisupǝ
25 somni rǝŋa somni rǝŋasupǝ
26 somni ǝruk somni ǝruksupǝ
27 somni sǝri somni sǝrisupǝ
28 somni ǝret somni ǝretsupǝ
29 somni ǝku somni ǝkusupǝ
30 somthum somthumsupǝ
40 somli somlisupǝ
50 somŋa somŋasupǝ
60 somruk somruksupǝ
70 somsǝri somsǝrisupǝ
80 somret somretsupǝ
90 somku somkusupǝ
100 lihakha  
101 lihakha rit ǝkha  
102 lihakha rit ǝni  
103 lihakha rit inthum  
104 lihakha rit inli  
105 lihakha rit rǝŋa  
106 lihakha rit ǝruk  
107 lihakha rit sǝri  
108 lihakha rit ǝret  
109 lihakha rit ǝku  
110 lihakha rit ǝsom  
200 lihani  
300 lihathum  
400 lihali  
500 lihaŋa  
600 liharuk  
700 lihasǝri  
800 liharet  
900 lihaku  
1,000 lisiŋǝkha  
1,001 lisiŋǝkha rit ǝkha  
1,002 lisiŋǝkha rit ǝni  
1,003 lisiŋǝkha rit inthum  
1,004 lisiŋǝkha rit inli  
1,005 lisiŋǝkha rit rǝŋga  
1,006 lisiŋǝkha rit ǝruk  
1,007 lisiŋǝkha rit sǝri  
1,008 lisiŋǝkha rit ǝret  
1,009 lisiŋǝkha rit ǝku  
1,010 lisiŋǝkha rit ǝsom  
2,000 lisiŋǝni  
3,000 lisiŋinthum  
4,000 lisiŋinli  
5,000 lisiŋrǝŋa  
6,000 lisiŋǝruk  
7,000 lisiŋsǝri  
8,000 lisiŋǝret  
9,000 lisiŋǝku  
10,000 lisiŋǝsom  
once woykharǝt  
twice woynirǝt  
thrice woythumlet  
four times woylirǝt  
five times woyŋarǝt  
six times woyrukrǝt  
1/2 ǝhuy  
1/3 inthum suŋŋa ǝkha  
1/4 inli suŋŋa ǝkha  
3/4 inli suŋŋa inthum  
both ǝnilin  
all the three inthumlin  
all the eight ǝretlin  
all the ten ǝsomlin  
about one ǝkhacǝk  
about two ǝnicǝk  
about four inlicǝk  
about eight ǝretcǝk  
two or three ǝni nore inthum  
four or five inli nore rǝŋa  
eight or ten ǝret nore ǝsom  
one each ǝkha ǝkha  
two each ǝni ǝni  
three each inthum inthum  
four each inli inli  
eight each ǝret ǝret  

Source: Hidam Brojen Singh. A Descriptive Grammar of Chothe. Department of Linguistics. Manipur University. Canchipur – 2000.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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