Berom numbers

How to count in Berom (Cèn Bèrom), a Benue-Congo language spoken in the north of Plateau State in central Nigeria

Berom originally had a base-12 number system, however this has now been replaced by a decimal system. Numbers can take different prefixes depending on the class of the nouns they are attached to. For example, the base form for one is -ning; one man is mwat gwining, one child is hwey hining and one pot is rwey rining. Other prefixs are available.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 gwining
2 beba
3 betat
4 benaas
5 betungun
6 betyiimin
7 betaama
8 rwit
9 shabetat
10 rekuru
11 rekuru na vɛ gwining
12 rekuru na vɛ beba
13 rekuru na vɛ betat
14 rekuru na vɛ benaas
15 rekuru na vɛ betungun
16 rekuru na vɛ betyiimin
17 rekuru na vɛ betaama
18 rekuru na vɛ rwit
19 rekuru na vɛ shabetat
20 bakuru baba
21 bakuru baba na vɛ gwining
22 bakuru baba na vɛ beba
23 bakuru baba na vɛ betat
24 bakuru baba na vɛ benaas
25 bakuru baba na vɛ betungun
26 bakuru baba na vɛ betyiimin
27 bakuru baba na vɛ betaama
28 bakuru baba na vɛ rwit
29 bakuru baba na vɛ shabetat
30 bakuru batat
40 bakuru banaas
50 bakuru batungun
60 bakuru batyiimin
70 bakuru bataama
80 bakuru rwit
90 bakuru shabatat
100 naga gwining
1,000 gu, guwining
1,000,000 miliycn gwining

Hear some Berom numbers:

Information about counting in Berom

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