Archi numbers

Numbers in Archi (Аршаттен чӀат), a Northeast Caucasian language spoken in the village of Archi in southern Dagestan in the Russian Federation.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 нол (nol)
1 ос [os] кIа́наракду [k’ánarakdu]
2 къIве [q’ʷˤe]
къIветIу [q'ʷˤét'u]
къIвен [q’ʷˤen] (when counting sheep)
къвеІбосду (q’wеӀbosdu)
3 лъеб [ɬeb]
лъи́бтIу [ɬíbt'u]
лъе́ебен [ɬéːben] (when counting sheep)
лъеббосду (ɬebbosdu)
4 ебкъ [ebq’]
е́бкъатIу [ébq'at'u]
е́ебкъан [éːbq’an] (when counting sheep)
5 ллъо [ɬːo]
ллъви́йтIу [ɬːʷíjt'u]
ллъон [ɬːon] (when counting sheep)
6 дилъ [diɬ]
ди́йлъийтIу [díjɬijt'u]
ди́илъан [díːɬan] (when counting sheep)
7 вилI [wikɬ]
ви́лIатIу [wíkɬat'u]
вилIа́н [wikɬán] (when counting sheep)
8 мелIе́ [mekɬé]
милIи́йтIу [mikɬíjt'u]
мелIе́н [mekɬén] (when counting sheep)
9 учІ [utʃ’]
у́учIатIу [úːč'at'u]
у́учIан [úːč'an] (when counting sheep)
10 моцIо́р [moc’ór]
вицІ [wic’]
ви́ицIатIу [wíːc'at'u]
ви́ицIан [wíːc'an] (when counting sheep)
11 моцIо́р сса (moc’ór ssa)
12 моцIо́р къвеІ (moc’ór q’weӀ)
20 къа [q’a]
къан [q’an] (when counting sheep)
30 лъиби́ [ɬibí]
лъиби́йтIу [ɬibíjt’u]
лъиби́ин [ɬibíːn] (when counting sheep)
40 букъи́ [buq’í]
букъи́йтIу [buq’íjt’u]
букъи́н [buq’ín] (when counting sheep)
50 буххи́ [buχːí]
буххи́йтIу [buχːíjt’u]
буххи́н [buχːín] (when counting sheep)
60 дилъ [diɬíjt’u]
дилъи́йтIу [diɬíjt’u]
дикьи́н [diɬíːn] (when counting sheep)
70 лIви [kɬʷi]
лIви́йтIу [kɬʷíjt’u]
лIвиин [kɬʷiːn] (when counting sheep)
80 лIими́й [kɬimíj]
лIими́йтIу [kɬimíjt’u]
лIими́ин [kɬimíːn] (when counting sheep)
90 чIви [tʃ’ʷi]
чIви́йтIу [tʃ’ʷíjt’u]
чIвин [tʃ’ʷin] (when counting sheep)
100 баIш [baˤʃ]
ба́IщытIу [báˤʃːət’u]
ба́Iщан [báˤʃːan] (when counting sheep)
1,000 иза́р [izár]
иза́рытIу [izárət'u]
иза́арен [izáːren] (when counting sheep)


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