Numbers in Apatani

How to count in Apatani (Tanw Aguñ), a Tani language spoken in Arunachal Pradesh in the northeast of India.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 kong, ako, kone, koṅ taye
2 anye, ànyi anyinɨ
3 hinge, hing, hiṅ hingiinii, hiṅnɨ
4 pülyi, piilye, pɨlyi  
5 yango, yaṅo  
6 khü, khii, khiiye, xɨ  
7 kanu  
8 pínyi, pinye  
9 koa, kowa  
10 alyang, alyaṅ  
11 lengkung, alyaṅ hela ako  
12 lenyi, alyan hela anyi, alyan le nyi  
13 lehing, alyan hela hinge, alyan le hin  
14 lepi, halyan hela piilye, alyan le pe  
15 lengo, halyan hela ya'ngo, alyan he ngo  
16 lehü, alyan hela kiiye, alyan le khe  
17 lekhkanu, alyan hela kanu, alyan le kanu  
18 lepinyi, alyan hela pinye, alyan le pinye  
19 lekhkoa, alyan hela koa, alyan hela kowa, alyan le koa  
20 nyikang, nyekhan, nyikhan, nyi xaṅ  
21 nyikhan hela ako  
22 nyikhan hela anyi  
23 nyikhan hela hin  
24 nyikhan hela piilye  
25 nyikhan hela yango  
26 nyikhan hela khii  
27 nyikhan hela kanu  
28 nyikhan hela pinye  
29 nyikhan hela koa  
30 hingkhang, hinkhan, hiṅ xaṅ hiṅ xaṅ he
40 alyang pülye, alyan piilye, alyaṅ pɨlye  
50 alyang yangoe, alyan ya'ngo, alyaṅ yaṅo  
60 alyang hüe, alyan khiiye, alyaṅ xɨ  
70 kanukhange, kanu khannge, kanu xaṅ  
80 pinyikhange, pinyi khannge, pinyi xaṅ  
90 koakhange, koa khannge, kowa-khange, koa xaṅ  
100 lange, laṅ laṅe
200 lanye, lanyi  
300 lahinge, lahiṅ  
400 lampe, lampɨ, lampyi  
500 langohe, laṅo  
600 langkhe, lankhii, lan xɨ  
700 langkh kanuhe, laṅkanu  
800 lampinye, lampinyi  
900 langkoahe, laṅkoa, lankowa  
1,000 lalyanghe, lalyaṅ, lalyan ako, jar, jar(h)e  
2,000 lalyaṅ anyi, jarnye, jarnyi  
3,000 lalyaṅ hiṅ, jarhin  
4,000 lalyaṅ pɨlyi, jarpii, jarpyi  
5,000 lalyaṅ yaṅo, jarngo  
6,000 lalyaṅ xɨ, jarkhii  
7,000 lalyaṅ kanu, jarkanu  
8,000 lalyaṅ pinyi, jarpinye, jarpinyi  
9,000 lalyaṅ koa, jarkoa, jarkowa  
10,000 lalyaṅlalyaṅ  
once oye, uye  
twice ronyi, ronye  
three times rohin, rohine  


jar (1,000) is a Hindi loan word


Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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