Punjab Culture

by Kamal

Punjab is a state in the north of India. The name Punjab originates from Persian words پنج (panj) which means five, and آب‎ (âb) means water. Therefore Punjab is the land of five rivers, which are the Satluj, Chenab, Beas, Jhelum and Raavi. These five rivers divide Punjab state into three regions: Majha, Doaba and Malwa. Punjab is the land of great saints and fighters.

Punjabi people celebrate new year, or Baisakhi, in the month of April (Punjab’s richest festival). Baisakhi is also is a religious festival of sikhs.

Punjabi Culture

Punjab is the most popular state of India in the world because of its very popular Punjabi culture. The culture of Punjab is one of the richest cultures in the world. Punjabi culture is very popular in the world. Punjabi songs are world famous and are full of melody and energy.

Different styles of Punjabi dance include Bhangra, Giddha, Kikli and Sammi.

Bhangra is the most famous dance with the loud beat of Dhol.

Pao Bhangra XIII

Giddha is also most famous dance performed by ladies. Ladies lyrically sung bolis and perform giddha on each boli.


Kikli is a famous folk dance. In this dance two girls hold each other's hand and move around in circles.


Gatka is the sikh religious martial art, and nowadays popular as sword dance.


Folk dance of Punjab is performed on simple music instruments such as the Dholak or Dhol Drum

A Punjabi traditional percussion instrument is the dhol, which is mostly used in marriages, party, lady sangeets, lohri, etc.

Traditional Dress of Punjab

1) Punjabi traditional dress for men is kurta pyjamas with a patiala shahi turban. The Patiala shahi turban is the style of the kings of Punjab.

1.1) The turla turban with kurta pyjamas is also the traditional folk dress when men perform bhangra.

2) The best-known traditional dress for women is the salwar suit and patiala salwar suit.

2.1) The lehenga kurta with phulkari dupatta is a traditional attire of Punjabi women when they perform giddha.

Sunday Homecooked Thali

3) Punjabi Jutti with embroidery with gold and silver thread is the traditional footwear of Punjab.

Punjabi Cuisine

The cooking style of Punjab is different from others. Punjabi food is mouth watering. Traditional food of Punjab includes Sarson Ka Saag and Makki ki roti, Gulgule, Kachori, Pakode, Panjiri and Pinni. Others include Chhole Bhature, Dal Makhani, Naan, Rabri, Lassi, Kheer, Poore, Gajrela. In homes Punjab people use desi ghee, butterand mustard oil to cook food, which makes it finger licking.

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