Names of the countries of South America in local languages

The names are shown in their short and full forms in official and other local languages. Translations of the full names not in English are shown in [brackets].

English name Local name
Argentina Argentina
República Argentina
[Argentine Republic]
Bolivia Bolivia
República de Bolivia
[Republic of Bolivia]
Brazil Brasil
República Federativa do Brasil
[Federal Republic of Brazil]
Chile Chile
República de Chile
[Republic of Chile]
Colombia Colombia
República de Colombia
[Republic of Colombia]
Ecuador Ecuador
República del Ecuador
[Republic of Ecuador]
French Guiana Guyane
Department of Guiana
Guyana Guyana
Co-operative Republic of Guyana
Paraguay Paraguay
República del Paraguay
Tetã Paraguáipe
[Republic of Paraguay]
Peru Perú
República del Perú
[Republic of Peru]
Suriname Suriname
Republiek Suriname
[Republic of Suriname]
Uruguay Uruguay
República Oriental del Uruguay
[Oriental Republic of Uruguay]
Venezuela Venezuela
República Bolivariana de Venezuela
[Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela]


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