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Ygyde is a constructed language and international auxiliary language that is designed to be easy to pronounce, easy to understand and easy to learn. It is an oligosynthetic language, that is many different meanings are represented by two-letter morphemes, which are the building blocks of Ygyde.

Names of letters and scientific constants are two letters long. Names of variables are four-letter compound words. Proper nouns are six letters long compound words, except for names of people and some geographic names, which are eight letters long. Names of complex chemicals and proteins are proper nouns made of two words. Precise biological names of species are made of three words. Foreign words follow one of the following Ygyde words: upi, ugi, uki, uwo, uwu, uwi, ufo, uzo, uzu. These words are necessary to make sure that the foreign words are not interpreted as new Ygyde words. For example, the word bikini means "proper noun optical massive path" in Ygyde.

All other words have odd number of letters. They begin with a vowel which is followed by a consonant, which is followed by a vowel, and so on. Functional vowels are prepositions made of one letter. Numbers, colors, pronouns, common adjectives, common nouns, conjunctions, and the rest of prepositions are three letters long. All other words are either five or seven letters long. They are compound words coined by combining a vowel prefix with two or three morphemes.

Examples of the Ygyde compound words:

Ygyde alphabet

Ygyde's alphabet consists of 32 glyphs: 6 vowels a e y o u i, 15 consonants b p d t g k w f z s j c m n l, full stop, 8 digits, octal point, and space. Capital letters do not exist. Ygyde text can be coded with 5-bit bytes (2^5=32) using a keyboard which has only 32 keys. Such a simplified keyboard would improve typing speed. If decimal numbers are written with the Ygyde glyphs, the last glyph is oli (decimal or octal point). If octal numbers are written with the Ygyde glyphs, the last glyph is not oli.

Ygyde alphabet

Sample text in Ygyde

Sample text in Ygyde


eju eka ije aca ety ubima use ysobe. aca ipa eju ety ujyde ygyde.


Yesterday evening he did not see a green tree. It is not true that I spoke Ygyde yesterday.

More information about Ygyde

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