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The Yembik script was invented by Leon Jia Hua Huang for Terredaic, a fictional Japonic language, spoken on a fictional island nation to the east of Japan. This script replaced an older "segmental" script (where many glyphs are placed linearly and make up a word, which is suitable for Terredaic agglutination) called Terrebik. Yembik comes from the Terredaic words "yem" - Sound, and "bik" - writing/symbols/signs.

Internal History

Yembik was developed and originally used as a secret code for writing secret messages to other revolutionaries and Terredaic Nationalists and also other Terredaic people who had mastered this secret code. It was influenced by the letter forms of Burmese and also by the way the Thaana script works, as both of them did encounter Terredae, before, in the 1500s. In 1788, after Terredae won independence against the Japanese and British Empires, during the Terredaic Civil War, Yembik was made the official script of Terredae, replacing Terrebik.

Notable features

Yembik consonants

Yembik consonants

Yembik vowel diacritics with null consonants

These vowels diacritics can be used on other consonants by placing them on top of other consonants.

Yembik vowels

Yembik tone letters

These letters are placed at the end of a syllable, if the tone is not mid-level.

Yembik tones letters

Yembik punctuation

These signs are not placed immediately after a character, as the character and punctuation mark are separated by a space. Surrounding characters '', "" and () are placed immediately around the characters it surrounds, without spaces between the first and last character and those punctuation marks that surrounds.

Yembik punctuation

Sample text in Terredaic National Anthem

Sample text in Yembik

Transliteration in IPA

tʰɛɾ˧dɛ˧ sa˧ɾa˧ɛ˥˧ d͡zan˧ da˥ʞɛ˥˧
a˥ɾa˧pʰa˩ɛ˥˧ sɒ˥˧ da˧ʞɛ˥˧
βaɾts˥˧ kʰʊ˩li˥˧ɛ˥˧ ja˧jɔ˥dœ˩˥
βaɾts˥˧ kʰʊ˩li˥˧ɛ˥˧ na˩˥da˥ʞɛ˥˧
sɔ˥ʞɔl˩ sa˧kʰa˥tʰo˩ tsɛ˧mɪ˥ɾɪ˥
βaɾts˥˧ɛ˩˧ kʰʊ˩li˥˧ɛ˥˧ ja˧mɛ˧nɪ˧


Terredaic people progress on,
raise the flag!
We are a nation,
we protect our nation!
Freedom, righteousness, victory,
for our nation!

Leon is right now developing on a font for Yembik, but is having difficulty as he claims that the diacritics won't behave properly on his font, but will on other fonts. He requests anyone with experience of constructing fonts, especially for con-scripts, to please contact him on Facebook, or at, if they are available and very happy to lend a helping hand. He thanks you in advance for those who help.

If you have any other questions or comments, please contact Leon. If you would like to know more about the fictional nation of Terredae, please visit

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