Troitròskíng    Troitròskíng

Troitrosking is an alphabet invented by Svip to write his conlang, Eufnix. He plans to use the alphabet and the language is a novel he's writing. The sounds of the Eufnix language are based on Danish, Svip's mother tongue.

Internal history

The language is named are its creator, Jymtòs Éufníx, but is also known as Eufning. The alphabet is used by a dozen languages in the Southern Wéng-Ròs, one of the Eight Realms of Vírá, the largest contintent of Hafnia (the name of the world), which is placed on the East Coast of Vírá.

Notable features

Troitròskíng alphabet

Troitròskíng alphaet

Punctuation and numerals

Troitròskíng punctuation and numerals

The capital mark is used to indicate names and other important words.

Sample text in Eufnix in the Troitròskíng alphabet

Sample text in Eufnix in the Troitròskíng alphabet


Old Eufnix
Yt wín rángul äjásnékríjá, mu ínké Éufníng. Aví: lágén hárvòrí vurí - opím "Éufníng" - qití Éufníng: án íng tuk sänkén hun Jymtòs Éufníx, qwé mímvotòs ultríjá vurí zháp. Ultròmínátòp!

Modern Eufnix
Wínmé rángul äjásnékríjá, mu ínké Éufníng. Aví: lágé hárvòrí vurí - opím "Éufníng" - qití Éufníng: án síloi íng sänkroi hun Jymtòs Éufníx, lán turí qwé mímvotòs ultríjá zháp. Ultròmínátíp!

Translation (in Engish): I have seen many languages, but I love Eufnix. Today, I read an old book - titled "Eufnix" - about Eufnix, which said it was created by Jymtos Eufnix over five thousand years ago. Fascinating!

Download an Troitròskíng font (TrueType format, 4K)

If you have any questions Eufnix or Troitròskíng alphabet, you can contact Svip at

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