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Timescript was designed by Jacqui Fashimpaur in 2021 for the puzzle "Time of Your Life" in the puzzle hunt Matt and Emma's Carnival Conundrum. It encodes phrases in looping 2D animations and uses movement as a critical feature. Timescript is phonemic in that symbols represent categories of similar sounds, but it is not featural; the symbols were designed primarily to look varied and attractive, with consideration for which ones would commonly appear together. Timescript is more decorative than practical and gives writers a great deal of freedom to design their animations like moving calligraphy.

Notable features

Each syllable has a central (not necessarily visible) stem, along which the symbols for its consonant sounds appear in order with a single orthogonal line marking the position of the vowel sound. These all move together in a manner corresponding to the syllable's vowel. The table below illustrates all of the currently defined vowel sounds, presented following the K sound to demonstrate reading order.

Timescript - Vowels

Timescript letter OH
go, home, four
Timescript letter AY
day, same, care
Timescript letter EH
set, end, bell
Timescript letter EE
week, fear, seem
Timescript letter AH
odd, dawn, start
(optionally move down for caught rather than cot)
Timescript letter AI
time, kite, fire
Timescript letter OO
soon, tool, moor
Timescript letter OW
how, fowl, sour
Timescript letter UH
run, love, up
Timescript letter OY
toy, boil, point
Timescript letter schwa *
seven, work, middle
Timescript letter A
and, sat, rally
Timescript letter U *
full, book, good
Timescript letter IH
sit, him, fill

* If all consonants have rotational symmetry, readers will have to try both possible reading directions.

Timescript - Consonants

Timescript letter P, [p]
Timescript letter B, [b]
Timescript letter D, [d]
Timescript letter N, [n]
Timescript letter M, [m]
Timescript letter NG, [ŋ]
Timescript letter T, [t]
Timescript letter G, [ɡ]
Timescript letter Y, [j]
Timescript letter S, [s]
Timescript letter Z, [z]
Timescript letter F, [f]
Timescript letter V, [v]
Timescript letter TH, [θ]
Timescript letter DH, [ð]
Timescript letter SH, [ʃ]
Timescript letter R, [ɻ/r]
Timescript letter ZH, [ʒ]
Timescript letter K, [k]
Timescript letter J, [dʒ]
Timescript letter W, [w]
Timescript letter L, [l]
Timescript letter H, [h]
Timescript letter CH, [tʃ]

Sample text

Sample text in Timescript


Those who've read the Book of Ages never admit to it.
From "Story of Your Life" by Ted Chiang

Further Information

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