T̹ejý T̹ejý

The T̹ejý script was invented by Elijah Martin to write Atsécï, a conlang appearing in his fantasy novel, Blood of the Serpent. Atsécï is spoken by the people of Íkelos, known to their enemies as the Profane. The writing system first appeared during the War of the Blood, a conflict between the Profane, humanity and the gods, when it was created to write Atsécï by the Profane's first emperor, the Dark Lord. The writing system was accepted and is still in common use. The name "t̹ejý" means "the strokes," composed of "t̹ej," meaning "stroke" or "marking," and the definite plural article -ý.

Notable Features

T̹ejý script

T̹ejý script

Sample text

Sample text in T̹ejý


We! h̹iz tsevirsin aseçu, saphros çoz, iz ré tseviratsoj.


Our father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be they name.
(lit. "O our holy father, dwelling in Heaven, your name is sacred.")

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