Tactile Rila Sign System Rila

The Tactile Rila Sign System is a discrete version of Stefan Stefanov's Rila Sign System and is designed for use by the visually impaired.

The system consists of 50 tactile codes corresponding to the signs of the Rila sign system and representing a unique set of simple graphic shapes situated one below the other in a column. The arrangement of each set is uniquely determined by the method of discrete representation of the signs of the sign system. By means of the absence or presence of certain number of tactile dots at the beginning of the tactile code their number expands to 200. This number corresponds to the signs of the sign system and it is designed to record data. In addition to the basic character signs it allows encoding as well as for capital letters, common combinations of letters, and non-alphabetic characters. Visualy the tactile record represents a vertical sequence of tactile codes filling a rectangular area and having matrix disposal in it.

The Tactile “Rila” Sign System is suitable for use by specialized technical resources for input and reading, as well as direct reading of a small amount of information.

Notable features

Tactile Rila Sign System

Tactile Rila Sign System

Tactile Rila Sign System

Tactile Rila Sign System

Sample text in Rila

Sample text in the Tactile Rila Sign System


Do not live someone else's life, do not obey to dogmas, follow your heart and intution. Steve Jobs

There is also an advanced version of the Tactile Rila Sign System, known as Tactile System Rila (TSR), which is designed to be easier to learn and more convenient to use by hand and technical means. More details (PDF)

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