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Spiraling Syllabics Spiraling Syllabics

Spiraling Syllabics is an alternative way of writing English using colours and symbols written in a spiral devised by Nicholas Maddaloni in the Fall of 2014. He had originally intended it to be a means of condensing written language, but eventually decided to try to make a writing system as unique and creative as he could.

Notable features

Spiraling Syllabics


There are twenty two consonant characters, eighteen of which represent actual consonant sounds, two of which represent approximants, and two more of which represent semivowels.

Spiraling Syllabics - consonants


Vowels are denoted by the following colors.

Spiraling Syllabics - Vowels


Spiraling Syllabics - punctuation

Note: The punctuation marks are to be the same color as the line they are on.


Spiraling Syllabics - numerals

Sample text

Sample text in the Spiraling Syllabics


One of the man's favorite passtimes is locutification. He'll spend hours and end up with a veritable dictionary.

More details of Spiraling Syllabics

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