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Similis was created by Jamie D one boring night while playing CNK. The basic form was modeled after English and Tengwar (Elvish), hence the dipping, flowing nature. This alphabet can be used to write any language which uses the basic Latin alphabet and Jamie plans to make some additions for Spanish and other languages.

Scripted Similis is intended for signatures (which can be slightly personalized) and official documents, while printed version is used for any day to day writing. Similis is the main language for the fantasy country of Eplurbum a combination of the phrase E pluribus unum, one of the first national mottos of the USA.

Notable features

Similis alphabet

Similis alphabet

Similis numerals and punctuation

Similis numerals and punctuation

Sample text in Similis

Sample texts in Similis


I think, therefore I am.

If you have any questions about this alphabet, you can contact Jamie at:

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