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Scorapice Shorthand was created by Anatole Fiodorov as a way write English with the Russian shorthand system that conceived by Prof. Nikolai N. Sokolov (1900-1990) in the 1930s.

The name Scorapice sounds like the Russian word for speedwriting - скоропись. N. Sokolóv revealed a sufficient correlation between Russian and English consonants distribution. Far less agreement was found with the system of English vowel phonemes. The present system takes into account recent statistical description of the English language presented in the British National Corpus.

Notable features

Scorapice alphabet


Scorapice consonants


The vowel phonemes [ʌ], [ɑː] and [aɪ] between consonants are omitted, and the consonants are placed on the base-line as if the vowels were not there.

The diacritics are used occasionally to pinpoint vowel sounds in unfamiliar and isolated words or proper names, but otherwise vowels are hardly ever specified with diacritics.

The length of vowels is shown by a short dash above, while an apostrophe suggests the vowel [ɪ] in diphthongs. Both the dash and apostrophe are written after the entire word has been finished.


Scorapice Vowels

The initial vowels [ʌ], [ɑː], [aɪ] and [ə] are written under the base-line, and in a word’s final position a long stroke is added at the end of the previous sign. The initial and final signs for vowels with [j] - [jʌ], [jɑː] and [jə] - are more tilted than for pure vowels. The final diphthong [aɪ] has a left curve to distinguish it from the pure vowel.


Scorapice Vowels

There are no capital letters in Scorapice, that is why proper names are marked with a double dash underneath:

Scorapice proper names

Sample text in Scorapice

Sample text in Scorapice

Links and References

Information about Scorapice

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