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The Sarin alphabet is the creation of Corey Hanson. He was inspired by a writing system he created while in Jobcorps when he was bored. Consequently he reconstructed it, then lost the key somewhere when moving back home, but remembered the main shapes used for the consonants and reconstructed the system to the best of his memory.

Corey named the reconstructed system "Sarin" in honor of his residential advisor from Jobcorps, Sarah. She liked his old system (which he never named) enough to have it incorporated into a tribal frog tattoo she got while on vacation. She had him write a word to describe her (he chose "Unique") in the system, and she had it blended into the frog's back.

Corey was inspired by D'ni and Tengwar. Originally he designed the script to be written vertically, then realised that it looked good when written horizontally as well.

Notable features

Some abbreviations and letter rules:

V = Of
Ɖ = The
VƉ = Of The
ND = And

Y = I (masculine) and ending I: sound in names
I = I (feminine) and ending I: sound in names

I:U: = "EW" sound
OY = "OY" sound
ÆW = "OW" sound
Ɔ:Y = "EYE" sound
EY = "pAY" sound
WI: = "WE" sound
U:I: = "OOEY" sound
I:Ə = "flEEIng"

When Y and W begin a word the vowel carrier is not required

For a Y or W + vowel sound, the vowel is placed beside the Y or W as if by a consonant

The letter Ə is only used when its omission could confuse the reader on a word, such as to separate the syllables in the word "Thorough" vs. the one syllable word "Throw"

Ex: Thorough → Өәro Throw → Өro
Baroque → Bәrok Broke → Brok

Sarin vertical letters

Sarin vertical letters

Sarin horizontal letters

Sarin horizontal letters

Sample text in the Sarin alphabet

Sample text in the Sarin alphabet

If you have any questions about Sarin, you can contact Corey Hanson at:

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