Romulan alphabet   Rihannsu (Romulan)

The Romulan alphabet developed from an alphabet called Kzhad created in about 1988 by Monte Thrasher (, a designer and illustrator in Los Angeles, who also designed the Romulan Imperial Insignia. Monte based Kzhad on the shapes of LED displays.

The Romulan or Rihannsu language was created by Diane Duane for use in her novel about the Romulans, a race of alien beings related to the Vulcans. Both Romulans and Vulcans appear in the Star Trek movies and TV shows.

Romulan alphabet

Useful phrases in Romulan/Rihannsu, from Eric Koenig

Aefvadh - Welcome
Jolan'tru - Hello
Veisa notht? - How are you?
Veisa vihroi? - What's your name?
Vikra nnea au? - Where are you from?
Viduus au paeti - Pleased to meet you
Brhon mnekha - Good morning
Aihkhmiite mnekha - Good afternoon
Draomn mnekha - Good evening
Temar mnekha - Good night
Bedah - Goodbye
Glohhaasi' mnekha - Good luck (Good hunting - Romulans don't believe in luck)
Mhiohs - Cheers/Good health (success)
Phralae ru au krowert - Have a nice day (speak to you soon)
Llea - Bon appetit (enjoy)
Mnekha havrae - Bon voyage
Rhanne na docgae - I don't understand
Fhaen phralae rawn - Please speak more slowly
Ekhesai - Excuse me
Veherr - Sorry
Hann'yyo - Thank you
Vikra oiius? - Where's the toilet?
Kaeha bontwe vr'qiuu'n - This gentleman/lady will pay for everything (this [person] gives for all)
I-jol au - I love you
Mnekha vihroi krowert - Get well soon (good health soon)
Veisa phralae ... hrrau Rihannsu? - How do you say ... in [your language]?
Haenither nnea rhanne! - Leave me alone!
Mehre efveh! - Call the police! (summon the authorities)
Oehl d-navassa'tel - Happy Birthday
Tivh faerla Klivamsu - It's Greek to me (It reads like Klingon)
Kholairlha mnietasi' stelama - It's raining cats and dogs (Elements throwing stars)
Awevh 'le yyhle - As easy as falling off a log (Easy as play)
Io stelam 'nil io cehlaer - A sandwich short of a picnic (a star short of a galaxy)
Rhifv Areinnye daeohre - When pigs fly (when hell freezes)

Rihannsu 2: the Romulan Way

The Romulan Way

by Diane Duane

They are a race of warriors, a noble people to whom honor is all. They are cousin to the Vulcan, ally to the Klingon, and Starfleet's most feared and cunning adversary. They are the Romulans, and for eight years, Federation Agent Terise LoBrutto has hidden in their midst.

Now the presence of a captured Starfleet officer forces her to make a fateful choice between exposure and the chance to escape: maintain her cover -- or save the life of Dr. Leonard McCoy?

Here, in a startlingly different adventure, is the truth behind one of the most fascinating alien races ever created in "Star Trek" -- the Romulans.

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Information about the Romulan language

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