Passing the River alphabet  Passing the River alphabet

Passing the River is an occult alphabet derived from the Hebrew alphabet and first described in the Third Book of Occult Philosophy (1553) by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, a German polymath, physician, legal scholar, soldier, theologian and an occult writer.

It is also known as Passage Du Fleuve in French, and Transitus Fluvii in Latin, and the name perhaps refers to the time the Jews crossed the Euphrates during their return from Babylon to Jerusalem.

In Chapter 30 of Book 3 of Agrippa's Third Book of Occult Philosophy he writes:

Amongst the Hebrews I finde more fashions of Characters, whereof one is most ancient, viz. an Ancient writing which Moses, and the Prophets used, the form of which is not rashly to be discovered [disclosed] to any; for those letters which they use at this day, were instituted by Esdras. There is also amongst them a writing which they call Celestiall, because they shew it placed and figured amongst the Stars, no otherwise then the other Astrologers produce images of signs from the lineaments of Stars. There is also a writing which they call Malachim, or Melachim, i.e. of Angels, or Regal; there is also another, which they call the passing through the River, and the Characters and figures of all these are such.

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The Passing the River alphabet

The Passing the River alphabet


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