Nuigul (뉘글)

The Nuigul alphabet is a way of writing the Rapanui language with the Korean Hangeul script. It was created by Camila Jacob, a Chilean polyglot who is fluent in Spanish, English, Portugese and Korean.

Rapanui is the native name of Easter Island. It means "big Rapa". Hangul (한글) is the name of the Korean alphabet. "Han" means "great" and "gul" means in script. Therefore, Nuigul means "Big script".

The Nuigul alphabet should only be used to write the Rapanui language. Any loanword from Spanish or English should be written in the Latin alphabet.


Nuigul alphabet


Download an alphabet chart for Nuigul (Excel)

Sample text in Nuigul

데 하나우 헤누아, 마이 데 보레고 하ㆁㅏ, 헤 마누 데레, 마누 라라마 에 마누 마나ᅇㅜ; 고 두ᅇㅜ 비루 아나 다ᅇㅏ도ᅇㅏ. 마이 아이 헤 하나우 에 하가 도바 로 아 이 데 마나ᅇㅜ, 에 헤레, 에 모ᅇ아, 에 다부 기 아 라우ᅇㅏ.


Te hanau henua, mai te poreko hanga, he manu tere, manu rarama e manu mana’u; ko tu’u piru ana ta’ato’a. Mai ai he hanau e haka topa ro a i te mana’u, e here, e mo’a, e tapu ki a raua ‘a.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

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