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Fabian Alvarez Lopez began to be develop the Nóläm or Drihleön alphabet in about 1989, when he was still in High School. It was inspired by the Devanagari alphabet, but unlike it, it's a true alphabet, not an abiguda. The language it's mainly used for is also called Nóläm (it's unknown whether the language named the alphabet, or the alphabet named the language), and it serves as the lingua franca in a world called Eört, where Fabian set most of the fantasy stories which he has written.

Internal history of the Nóläm alphabet

The Nóläm alphabet is thought to have been invented by king Drïhl of Eërtál Nahíl, in the mists of memory. It has suffered some changes and reforms over the centuries, and the modern alphabet is quite different to the one used to write Imperial and Ecclesiastical Nóläm, the older forms of modern Nóläm. Nóläm means 'the language of all people', so the Nóläm alphabet is also called the Nólkäb, 'the script of all people'. The Nóläm language is spoken from most peoples, across the world of Eört. It's also used to write other genetically related languages, such as Aanaräm, Arthálam, or Barékam, and some unrelated ones, such as Dänáräm.

Nóläm alphabet

Nóläm alphabet


If you are interested in knowing more, or would like to develop, as a hobby, a Nóläm font, you can contact Fabian at Nahthze[at]wanadoo[dot]com

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