Mawar Mawar (Matuh Warizi)

Mawar was created by Eko Wahyu Darmansyah in 2022 to write his constructed language, Darman. The letters are based on the shapes of the snakes that once accidentally entered Eko's house. The name of the script in Darman is 'Matuh Warizi', which means 'Still Inherited', as Eko hopes the script will be eternal.

The Darman language can also be written with the Latin or Arabic alphabets. It is based on Austronesian languages such as Indonesian, Malay, Tagalog, Javanese, Sundanese, Minangkabau and languages in Sumatra.

Notable features


Mawar alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for Mawar (Excel) Download a font for Mawar

Sample text

Sample text in the Mawar


Tajuk Wa Suğat

Dahir insani biral na aqili
Wa gizin misku pi fikor nahe
Şit iğin kabilafi si nartaşi na
Wa dun kabilafi si fikor na.

Walah tafqiri nahi başdurji na
Şit garži kimixil sežuta almayan na
Miqut nahi misbaxum tipukuti
Mari situ na sulsa hayati.


Tajuk Wa Surat

Every human being is given reason
And should be used to think
But there are still naughty people
And also people who think.

Even if it looks worthless
But it could save a million memories
Don't throw it away let alone take it
So that we live in harmony side by side.

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