Mawar Mawar (Matuh Warizi)

Mawar was created by Eko Wahyu Darmansyah in 2022 to write his constructed language, Darman. The letters are based on the shapes of the snakes that once accidentally entered Eko's house. The name of the script in Darman is 'Matuh Warizi', which means 'Still Inherited', as Eko hopes the script will be eternal.

The Darman language can also be written with the Latin or Arabic alphabets. It is based on Austronesian languages such as Indonesian, Malay, Tagalog, Javanese, Sundanese, Minangkabau and languages in Sumatra.

Notable features



Sample text

Sample text in the Mawar


Ga akhsar mawar issa anak'o gawi bih panti nulih dayari ko gasyin nahi insan saipun noduhi. Akhsar issa juo rizmi haguna panti punulihan sistem Darman Syah, napi anak'o gawi akhsar issa? lah anak'o punuju rik macom-ragom akhsar fi dunya issa.


I made this Mawar script just to write my diary so that no one knows it. This script is also officially used as a Darman language writing system, why did I make this script? Because I am very interested in the various types of Script in this world.

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