IKON is a graphical communication system designed to be an easy, intuitive, international and transcultural visual language developed by the KomunIKON project. It is based on icons and could be used in communication technology, graphic design, education, product merchandise and humanitarian crisis support.

Design guidelines and philosophy

Sample sentences

Here are some of the sentences that have been developed by KomunIKON for their clients. Please keep in mind that the IKON language is very flexible, so the grammatical explanations offered here are meant to show some ideas behind the icons, but they are not rigid rules to be learnt, anyone can use the language as they prefer, as far as the receiver understands.

In the icon for "listen" a hand emphasizes the active behavior of the listener, while the icon for "hear" (a less active action) does not show the hand.

Sample sentence in IKON - I love to listen to music

"The whole life in one night"

This is the Italian title of a movie by Robert Bresson (1967). "Whole" is in opposition to "half, minority and majority". "Life" is in contrast to "death". "In" is in contrast to "out". "Night" is in contrast to "daylight".

Sample sentence in IKON - whole life in one night

The icons developed by KomunIKON can be used wherever you need to write a message to any type of recipient, even if they are people that have difficulties reading that message, such as children, illiterate or disabled people.


Information about IKON

Information supplied by Teddy Nee, a multilingual language blogger and IT engineer. You can find his language blog at: neeslanguageblog.com

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