Hanákana Hanákana

Hanákana is a phonetic script created by Lance Pollard that can be used to represent the sounds of any languages, like the International Phonetic alphabet. It is based on three basic shapes (a+, i~ and u+), which can be flipped, rotated or otherwise modified to represent any sound.

Notable features

Hanákana alphabet

Hanákana alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for Hanákana (Excel)
Download a guide to Hanákana (PDF)

Sample Text

Sample text in the Hanákana Alphabet


These are the parts your mouth and tongue shape.
Sharing yourself in new ways to the lake.
These are the symbols representing sound bits.
Combining into a rhythm like the drum hits.
Soon you'll notice that each twist and turn fits.

These are the wholes that link the speech tones
Morphing our intelligence as we play with each Stone.
These are the words we separate with spaces.
Defining them carefully so we get down to the basics.
You'll soon learn how to use them in statements.

These are the threads that frame what you speak.
Giving others a peek at your inner geek.
These are the sentences your voice brings in the night.
Manifesting the invisible in the mind's eye.
Now you're a chat master, next is an invite.

These are the structures that make the light whiter.
Making it possible to communicate about the higher.
These are the trees in which we mold information.
Seeing ourselves and the universe as one big computation.
The key thing to remember is patterns and patience.

These are the networks merging everything into one.
Connecting knowledge together like the moon and the sun.
These are the primary thing the Earth yields.
Filling the memory with energy from Brook and Field.
If you've made it this far it's the Stone that you wield.


Information about Hanákana

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