The Glauxian alphabet was invented by Sean Skyhawk for use in a story he has been working for quite a few years. The story place on a planet called Lemuria, located within the Andromeda Galaxy, and it is inhabited almost entirely by anthropomorphic animals. Their civilization is thousands if not millions of years more advanced than our own, and the ideas of magic and superhuman abilities is far from foreign to them.

The Glauxians are the owl people; they can be found almost all over Lemuria, and even so, consider themselves one people. The Glauxian script was originally developed by the Tytonid owls, who were also the first to develop the derivative Tytonid scripts, and spread to the other races as well. Only recently has the usage of this script to write the Owlish languages has begun to decline in favor of the simpler Tytonid, Latin, and Lemuric systems, though it remains widely used even up to modern times, especially in calligraphic and liturgical settings.

Inspired by the vertical writing system the owls use in "Legend of the Guardians", this script is also modeled partially off of the classical Mongolian script, and partially off of the glyphs used in Lemuric and its modern descendant Printed Lemuric. Each letter has an initial, middle, and final form and the vowels are based off those in Primal along with those in Slavic/Altaic languages like Russian and Mongolian, whereas the consonants stem mostly from Primal, along with other consonants to transcribe other languages.

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