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Fremen alphabet    Fremen alphabet

The Fremen alphabet was created by John Quijada (who also created the Ithkuil language) in 1984 for The Dune Encyclopedia. It is a very simplified version of the Arabic script.

Notable features

Internal origin

The Fremen alphabet is used by the Fremen people of planet Arrakis to write their language, that mostly evolved from Arabic.

Fremen alphabet

Fremen alphabet and pronunciation

Sample texts

Sample text in Fremen


ida rayt al-tin abshir b-al-tin


When you see the fig season, then you can announce the muddy season.

Sample text in Fremen


ida lam laktafil anta fil


If you cannot be satisfied, you are an elephant (said to overeating children).


Information about the Fremen alphabet and language

Official Fremen font

Information about the Dune novels

Fictional alphabets

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