Expressive English Alphabet (Ԏᴇ Ԑcspˡɛsiꞇ İŋɢʟiṡ Óʟғıbɛт)

The Expressive English Alphabet is a alternative way to write English devised by Marcel Burrows. It is designed to have one letter for each sound. The alphabet has been designed to allow people from any part of the world to write in their own accent.

Expressive English Alphabet

Expressive English Alphabet


The only fonts that Marcel has found to work for this alphabet are Segue UI and Calibri

Download an alphabet chart for the Expressive English Alphabet (Excel)

Sample texts

North American / Irish Accents

Î hóꚍ cŏʟꚍ ıpŏn mî ғˡɛnꚍ Ṡĭˡʟŏc Homᴤ ıpŏn ԏı sɛcınꚍ mȯˡniŋ óғтıˡ Cˡismıs, ᴌiԏ ԏᴇ inтɛnṡın ŏꞇ ᴌiṡiŋ him ԏı cŏmpʟıminтs ŏꞇ ԏı sᴇᴤın. Hᴇ ᴌûᴤ ʟꭥnҭiŋ ıpŏn ԏı soғı in ı pĭˡpıʟ ҭˡɛsiŋɢꭥn, ı pîpˡóc ᴌiԏin hiᴤ ꭆᴇг ıpŏn ԏı ꭆîт, ónꚍ ı pîıʟ ŏꞇ cˡûmbıʟꚍ mȯˡniŋ pᴀpıˡᴤ, ɛꞇıꚍɛnтʟᴇ nyuʟᴇ sтûꚍᴇꚍ, nᴇıˡ óт hónꚍ.

Commonwealth-Style accents

Î hóꚍ cȯʟꚍ ıpôn mî ғˡɛnꚍ Ṡĭʟôc Homᴤ ıpôn ԏı sɛcınꚍ mȯniŋ ŏғтı Cˡismıs, ᴌiԏ ԏᴇ inтɛnṡın ôꞇ ᴌiṡiŋ him ԏı cômpʟıminтs ôꞇ ԏı sᴇᴤın. Hᴇ ᴌôᴤ ʟꭥnҭiŋ ıpôn ԏı soғı in ı pĭpıʟ ҭˡɛsiŋɢꭥn, ı pîpˡóc ᴌiԏin hiᴤ ꭆᴇг ıpôn ԏı ꭆîт, ónꚍ ı pîıʟ ôꞇ cˡûmbıʟꚍ mȯniŋ pᴀpıᴤ, ɛꞇıꚍɛnтʟᴇ nyuʟᴇ sтûꚍᴇꚍ, nᴇıˡ óт hónꚍ.


I had called upon my friend Sherlock Holmes upon the second morning after Christmas, with the intention of wishing him the compliments of the season. He was lounging upon the sofa in a purple dressing gown, a piprack within his reach upon the right, and a pile of crumbled morning papers, evidently newly studied, near at hand.
(from The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

More information about the Expressive English Alphabet

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