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Diamantina Diamantina

Diamantina is a script developed by the German college student Christoph Niemeyer and inspired by many old and fictional scripts. He says that the letters appeared in his head after he woke up one morning.

Notable features

Diamantina alphabet

Diamantina alphabet

Sample text in Diamantina (in German)

Sample text in Diamantina

German version

Du siehst der Wesen Ursprung nicht,
Und auch ihr Ende siehst du nicht,
Du kennst nur, was dazwischen ist

English version

You don't see the origin of the beings
and you don't see the end of their life, too.
You only know, something, that is between
From the Bhagavadgita

Download a font for Diamantina (created by Bryson Schnaitmann)

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