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Baric was created by Avrie (Аврора Николаева), an amateur game designer, for use in her RPG game "Legend of Terra Firma", in which it is used to write a constructed by the same name. Within the game the "Gothic" script, a version of German Fraktur is used, and Baric is a fictional precursor/forerunner alphabet to ther.

The shape of Baric script's letters was inspired by Wulfila's Gothic alphabet, and also some Greek and Cyrillic; however the look and feel of letters is very Fraktur-like.

According to the in-universe story, Baric was the alphabet for a language of the same name, which was used in the ancient and dreaded empire of Demogorgon. After Demogorgon was overthrown and human kingdoms and empires started, the Baric language (and the alphabet) was forgotten, used only by black mages and cultists. More modern derivatives of the language supplanted it, using a more modern alphabet.

The letters are deliberately somewhat crude, as they are supposed to be printed on an immovable wooden type printing press.

Notable features

Baric script


Sample text

Sample text in Baric in Malay


Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz.

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