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Ayeri Ornament Script    Ayeri Ornament Script

The Ornament Script was invented in April 2004 by Carsten Becker, originally intended to be used as a script for artistic purposes in his invented language, Ayeri, but later discarded for that purpose. In that language, the script is called Tahano Veno (beautiful script).

Notable features

Ayeri Ornament Script



Ayeri Ornament Script punctuation

Sample text in the Ayeri Ornament Script

Sample text in the Ayeri Ornament Script


Temihin Nay Perin / North-wind and Sun

Another script invented by Carsten Becker

Tahano Hikamu


Carsten Becker's page about the Ayeri language

Another script by Carsten Becker
Tahano Hikamu

Other writing systems invented by visitors to this site

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