Adunaroth    Adunaroth

This conscript was created in 2004 by Arno Luyendijk as a derivation on the fictional history of the Numenoreans in The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Arno is art historian by education and a great lover of medieval manuscripts and fantasy novels and films, and is also a graphic artist/painter. Ancient scripts have always been an important source of inspiration for him.

The main inspiration for this script were Tolkien's conscripts for Lord of the Rings: Tengwar and Cirth. Arno figured that if the Numenoreans became averse to Elvish culture and began to use their own vernacular Adunaic language as the official one instead of the Elvish Quenya and Sindarin, then they would also have developed a script that was neither Elvish or Dwarvish in design. Arno tried to create a script that combined features of both Tengwar and Cirth script, so as to stay most true to Tolkien's cultural and historical timeline of Middle-Earth.

The name of the script is a creation from the word Adunaic language meaning "Tracks of men".

Used to write

Mainly Tolkien's conlang Adunaic, but also Quenya, Sindarin, English and Dutch

The Adunaroth alphabet

Adunaroth alphabet


Adunaroth numerals


Adunaroth puncuation

Notable features

The letters written from left to right. Double letters or prolonged sounds can be written by adding a horizontal line in the middle of the letter or fictive medial line of the sentence, in the following manner:

Examples of Adunaroth double letters

Because of the relatively open shape of each letter, ligatures can easily be created with them.

Examples of Adunaroth ligatures

Sample text in English in the Adunaroth alphabet

Sample text in the Adunaroth alphabet

Transliteration and translation

Narîka 'nBâri 'nAdûn yanâkhim. "The Eagles of the Lords of the West are at hand."

Download font for Adunaroth created by Robert Lloyd Wheelock (TrueType format, 15K)

If you have any questions about Adunaroth, you can contact Arno at:

Lindamanya - Arno Luyendijk's website (in Dutch and English)

Also by Arno Luyendijk


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