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Language courses and other materials for learning Uyghur, a Turkic language spoken mainly in Xinjiang in China.

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Uyghur courses

Uyghur An Elementary Textbook

Uyghur An Elementary Textbook

by Uyghur An Elementary Textbook

- offers beginning students a thematically organized and integrative approach to the Uyghur language that emphasizes communicative activities, step-by-step development of linguistic skills, and elements of Uyghur culture. A multimedia DVD includes audio that helps develop listening and speaking skills and videos filmed in different regions of Xinjiang, China.

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Spoken Uyghur

Spoken Uyghur

by Reinhard F. Hahn

- this book's primary purpose is to teach conversational skills. No familiarity with the structure of Turkic languages is assumed, and the material is appropriate for both self-instruction and classroom use. For those familiar with other Turkic languages, it demonstrates the characteristics specific to Uyghur and provides useful reading practice in Roman- and Arabic-based script. Spoken Uyghur also contains an extensive description of the morphophonology and orthography of the language, and fifteen instructional dialogue units, with extensive notes explaining grammar and customs.

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Uyghur dictionaries

Uighur-English / English-Uighur Dictionary & Phrasebook

Uighur-English / English-Uighur Dictionary & Phrasebook

by Gulnisa Nazarova and Kurban Niyaz

- the bilingual dictionary has a concise vocabulary for daily use, and the phrasebook allows instant communication, from introducing yourself to finding a doctor. Includes 4,000 dictionary entries; phonetics that are intuitive for English speakers; essential phrases on topics such as transportation, dining out, and business; and concise grammar and pronunciation sections.

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Other Uyghur-related books

The Uyghurs: Strangers in Their Own Land

The Uyghurs: Strangers in Their Own Land

by Gardner Bovingdon

- this book discusses the history of Xinjiang and its unique population of Chinese Muslims. The author follows fifty years of Uyghur discontent, particularly the development of individual and collective acts of resistance since 1949, as well as the role of various transnational organizations in cultivating dissent.

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