Benefits of learning Latin

Studying Latin can improve you SAT scores and can help you get into a good college, according to an article I found today.

Increasing numbers of students in the USA are studying Latin for a variety of reasons – to increase their chances of being accepted by a good college, to help with their English, and due to an interest in Roman culture and history. Learning Latin also helps you stand out from others who study more mainstream subjects.

Students of Latin apparently become more dedicated to their schoolwork, especially when preparing for the National Latin Exam, anbd they study and help each other more. They also show increased emotional consideration for their teachers and fellow students, as well as greater cultural awareness and sensitivity.

One thought on “Benefits of learning Latin

  1. Confucius believed that morality had to be founded in works of antiquity. For Confucius cutting oneself off from the past was leaving oneself without roots. Like a tree, a person without roots will topple over. Confucius studied history and played a role in putting together and editing a historical chronicle.

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