14 thoughts on “Name the language

  1. This is really strange. I have written “Somali” and my comment was “awaiting moderation”. Is there some special sort of spam using characteristically this word, or is it an established insult in English?

  2. Since Malta is mentioned at the 23 second mark, I’d go with Maltese also – still leaving me a little uneasy because I would have expected more words of Italian origin.

  3. I definitely heard Malta mentioned. And Obama.

    So I’m going with Maltese because I don’t have a better guess.

  4. The language is indeed Somali (af Soomaali), and the recording comes from the BBC.

    I was going to give a clue – arrrrr – but it seems you don’t need it.

    prase – I’m not sure why your comments fell foul of the spam filters.

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