Word of the day – cofrestru

Today I went up to Bangor Uni to start the process of registering (cofrestru) as a student. I’ve now officially accepted the offer of a place – the letter of offer was sent to me in June, but it seems to have got lost in the post. So I went to the registry (cofrestrfa) to pick up a copy, as well as various other forms that need filling in. Registration (cofrestru) doesn’t actually happen until the end of next month though.

The word cofrestru is a combination of cof, memory, mind, and rhestru, to list, make a list, which comes from rhestr, list, rank, row. Related words include rhestrog, rowed, in rows; and rhestrol, ordinal.

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  1. Forgive me for dropping in– I have frequented your blog with interest, as a Welsh speaker enjoying your posts. I also did my MA at Bangor studying Welsh history, so I know you are in for a wonderful year in a place that will very quickly feel like home. I deeply love Bangor and I made many lifelong friends at the uni. I wish you luck as you start your course.

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