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  1. A West Indian French Creole and it sounds almost certainly to be Haitian.

  2. Sounds like a mix between French and Portuguese. It could be Occitan.

    But I’m also going with a French-based Creole. My best guess would be French Guiana Creole spoken in French Guiana.

  3. Some words and phrases I definitely recognise as Haitian Creole (Kreyòl Ayisyèn):

    moun – people
    té ouvè – opened (<— French été + ouvert) in après fòrs-a sékurité té ouvè koudzarm ‘after the security forces opened fire’ (I’m pretty sure I’m misspelling some of these words but overall the spelling approximates what you would see in written Haitian Creole.
    tout pays-a – the whole country (-a is a suffixed definite article in HC.)
    jodi-a – today (<— French aujourd’hui)
    nan Damas – nan = in (<— French dans)

    However, these could just as well be from another Antillean Creole, for example the ones spoken in Martinique or Guadeloupe. I know next to nothing about them, so I can’t be absolutely certain it’s not one of those rather than Haitian.

  4. On second listen, I think it’s Haitian Creole as well. Martinique creole sounds “clearer” to me I think.

  5. I thought perhaps it was french from the south of france perhaps near italy, like languedoc or occitan. Then I thought it sounded more like French from a french speaking region in Africa, so my guess was Ivory Coast.

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