Making recordings

Yesterday I came up with an alternative way of making recordings for Omniglot. I was talking to a Bulgarian contact on Skype and he was willing to make some recordings of Bulgarian, but wasn’t sure how to do so on his computer. I realised that I could record him at my end – I tried it and it worked well.

If you’re able to help me by making some recordings of useful phrases, article one of the UDHR, the Tower of Babel, country or language names, or the alphabet in your native language, but don’t know how to do so, or don’t have a microphone, then we now have a solution. You can call me on Skype (omniglot), and I will do the recording.

6 thoughts on “Making recordings

  1. Errr, when you don’t have a microphone it will be pretty hard to call you on Skype ;-).

  2. The audio recordings on Omniglot are my favorite aspect of the site by far. There are so many websites with examples of languages, but very, very few offer audio, which is a shame.

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