Name the language

Today we have a recording of a news bulletin from an online radio station for you to identify.

Like yesterday’s recording, this one comes from Radio Free Europe.

9 thoughts on “Name the language

  1. It’s sounds sort of like a mix between a Persian language and a Turkic language… I’m going to guess Tajik (I think I heard Dushanbe in the recording.)

  2. I thought it sounded kinda like French. Although I know it’s not French, it still sounds kinda close.

  3. Yeah, this clip sounds like French, I know it’s not b/c I have a fairly good level, but to me it still sounds similar. I actually started learning some Persian last week, but this clip sounded nothing like what I’ve heard so far though. Of course, that would just be the first few lessons of Assimil… mard ab dad 😉 :):):)

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