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  1. Definitely a Polynesian language, one of ghe ones with /l/ and unshifted /f/, /s/, and /t/. If it’s not Samoan or Tongan, I’d be astonished if it were not a closely related language of the general southern/southwestern area of Polynesia.

  2. I agree that it sounds Polynesian. It seems to have both f and s, so I think it’s Samoan.

  3. I think it could be either Samoan, Fijian or MAYBE even Kanak language spoken on New Caledonia.

  4. I abstain because I studied this language but it is not Fijian or a Kanak language.

  5. The language is Futunan (Fakafutuna), a Polynesian language spoken on the islands of Funtuna and Alofi in the French territory of Wallis and Futuna in the South-West Pacific Ocean.

    The recording comes from YouTube

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