5 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. Sounds very influenced by Spanish both from some of the vocabulary and the way the person speaking sounds. I heard “Papa” so I wonder if it isn’t “The Parable Of The Prodigal Son” in m that particular language.

  2. I do not hear the Spanish influence but agree with Hank regarding the “Prodigal Son”. In addition, I think that it is an Austronesian language. There are several reduplicated forms and the phonotactic rule seems to be (C)V, i.e. only open syllables. Stress is often on the penultimate vowel. Perhaps it is Oceanic. What does not easily fit into the picture is that I hear the name of Jesus being rendered as “Isa”, suggesting Islamic influence …

  3. I agree with Emanuel since he said it might be Austronesian. I see that many of the languages of the Philippines are from that group so that is why I mentioned the Spanish influence.

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