9 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. It’s going to be a difficult one in some ways to figure out since I think it’s an North American indigenous language, maybe from the west coast. There are so many!

  2. We can rule out the Salishan family. It doesn’t have anything near the consonant clusters.

  3. I personally think it comes from up in Québec or Ontario but I have been known to be wrong!

  4. I figured it out! It’s Chilcotin. It’s from 1:52-2:23 of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwDIsnd7DXE, the first video I find on YouTube on my phone if I search for Chilcotin language.

    I couldn’t figure it out at first. Then, just now, I opened up maps of all the indigenous languages of Canada and the US, opened the map of British Columbia and its vicinity last, saw Chilcotin, remembered a YouTube clip of a song in Chilcotin with a native speaker dressed like a mountie, thought maybe it was that language, popped that into YouTube, and voilà!

  5. I was sure that it was Na-Dené and I was listening to Chilcotin, and I thought it was that language but I was not sure enough.

  6. Hank, I just realized your first guess was right! It is indeed a North American indigenous language from the west coast. Why did you change your guess to the east coast? 🙂 (Just curious!)

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