6 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. I heard the word Amazon, it might be somewhere in South America. I guess it’s a Tupian language.

  2. Sounds a bit “tonish” but I am not sure. Many of the sounds seem to be an South American indigenous language which suggest Brazil, especially since it is about as nasal as Brazilian Portuguese! Could I be right? There’s an awful lot to choose from down there!

  3. Took some time but I found it in the Tupa-Guarani language family.It is Nheengatu.

  4. Yes, you can clearly hear: Amazonia and Ñeengatú. I think they also call it Língua Geral in Portuguese. It is heard in Brasil and Colombia . Venezuela has a Lengua Yeral with a little variation. It is Tupi-Guarani.

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