9 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. Something therein sounds like a North American indigenous language but there seems to be some oriental sounding music as well as some sounds that mimic Japanese ( I thought I heard the whispered “u” as in “desu”). A dialect of Japanese or maybe Okinawan?

  2. It sounds Mongolic or Tungusic. I’m familiar with Mongolian, and it’s not Mongolian, plus the languages featured in these quizzes are supposed to be not widely known; Mongolian is too widely spoken and it’s the official language of a country. I’m going to guess another Mongolic language like Oirat or Buryat. If it’s Tungusic my guess is Manchu, Even, or Evenki.

  3. It sounds like either a Formosan language or a Native American language. I think I also hear a [ʕ] or something alike…

    My guess for Formosan language is Amis and for Native American is Haida.

  4. Simon,
    Please keep these fascinating quizzes coming.It males this all this self-quarantine a lot easier to put up with!

  5. Oh no, it’s definitely not Haida. I live in Alaska and it’s not Haida at all

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