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As today is St David’s Day (Dydd Gŵyl Dewi), I thought we could have a quiz with a Welsh theme. So, which of the following words is not a Welsh word?

  • dympwy
  • llywyffrychnebol
  • llabwst
  • ffwgwslwch
  • bywyneiddrwydd

If you can provide a definition of any of them (without peeking in the dictionary), even better.

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus / Happy St David’s Day!

Daffodils / Cennin Pedr

16 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. I fear that this is a trick question and that all the words are Welsh, since I checked Translate and they’ve all been translated into English words. Or I might be going mad.

  2. I’m going to take a stab and guess “ffwgwslwch”. But I’m not going to put any money on it!

  3. I’ll go with llabwst, although I’m afraid I have no idea of the meaning of any of them! Diligent research has shown that, with ‘multiple-choice’ answers, the correct one is usually the middle one – I’ll be fascinated to discover whether this holds true in this instance.

  4. Well I’d no idea but I also checked with google translate and although all of them were translated, one was not translated into a valid English word – so I’ll go with that one: llabwst (translated as labwst with one l) !

  5. I cheated somewhat by looking up the words but my Collins Gem dictionary had only one of them anyway so it’s anyone’s guess. I shouldn’t admit to having done that (so I won’t say which one I found)!

  6. I know something about Welsh and it all seems like this language … but I prefer llabwst, I find it less Welsh.

  7. Just decided to check in Y Geiriadur Mawr which I have had for years but never use and I STILL can’t find which word is not Welsh. It might be “mawr” but not “mawr” enough. I will therefore be very interested in the answer to this week’s quiz!

  8. The answer is llywyffrychnebol

    The meanings of the other words are:

    • – dympwy = pleasure, will, purpose, mind; counsel; whim, fancy
    • – llabwst = a lanky clumsy person, lout, idler, loiterer; drudge
    • – ffwgwslwch = snuff
    • – bywyneiddrwydd = pulpiness, pithiness

    I found these words in Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru. None of them are in common use today.

  9. So how come Google Translate gives visual as the English translation for llywyffrychnebol?

  10. I will now admit to having found llabwst but any of the rest I was not at all able to find in any dictionary!

  11. It was there yesterday, but seems to have disappeared today. I hope this is temporary, as it’s very useful.

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