A Way to Watch


A word that has come up a number of times in the Czech lessons I’ve studied this week is divadlo [ˈɟɪvadlo] (theatre). I have to look it up every time as I don’t remember what it means.

So I thought if I look into its etymology and find some related words, it might help me to remember it.

Divadlo means theatre, drama or play-acting, and comes from dívat (to look, watch) and -dlo (an instrumental suffix), so it means something like ‘a way to watch’ [source].

Related words and expressions include:

  • divadelní = theatrical
  • divadelně = theatrically
  • politické divadlo = political play-acting
  • loutkové divadlo = puppetry
  • divadlo pro veřejnost = publicity stunt
  • hrát divadlo = to act out a play
  • dívat = to look
  • dívat se = to look, watch, gaze
  • podívat = to peep
  • podívat se = to see, to look at, to have a look, to take a look

Source: bab.la

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