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Today I found an interesting website called MuturZikin which has many different maps showing where languages and dialects are spoken. The site and the maps are mainly in French and English, with some parts in Basque, Spanish and quite a few other languages. The maps include the native names of the languages, which are given in many other languages as well, and also show language families.

Here are some other language maps:
MLA language map (USA)
World Atlas of language structures
World Language Phyla/Family Mapping
The Language Families of the World
Zompist Language family maps

5 thoughts on “Language maps

  1. Very interesting sites, some, I already knew. The are very useful.

  2. Thanks, Omniglot. Being linguistically, historically and geographically oriented, I enjoy the combinations thereof, too. I haven’t googled the topic, but the only book on it that I stumbled upon in the past was Languages and their Territories.

  3. The first book that got me into this sort of thing (languages and their distribution) was ‘The Languages of the World’ by Kenneth Katzner. It’s a great book!

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